The importance of balance

Are you able to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Photo by Drew Coffman

With the pandemic still apparent, the daily lives of every individual have changed drastically depending on their situation. The workplace environment is an area that has been highly effected for mostly all companies and adjustments have been made accordingly.

For many individuals, the new norm has been to “work-at-home” and are still expected to carry out duties without the office setting. This may sound like a dream to some, but for others the isolation could bring a toll on them.

It brings attention certain questions towards the confined individuals:

How are you adjusting towards the new normal?

Are you maintaining a work-life balance still?

Being constricted and isolated brings the worst in everyone, that’s why we should remember certain aspects to keep up the work-life balance. In my opinion, there are five notions that should be kept in mind in order to maintain a balance.

  • Being able to prioritize what is necessary

Organize your work, treat your home just as your workplace, and be set on that mindset. Despite being able to work from home it doesn’t bring an excuse to put off your work until later. It is important value your work and evaluate it accordingly so that efficiency is maintained.

  • Setting limits and not to burn yourself out

You need to set limits on tasks, set work to only business days, and set the weekends as regular days. The point is not burn yourself out and not be too comfortable working at home. You’re only human.

  • Being consistent

After you are able to adjust, it is important to stay on task as well. Be sure to stay on track on your objectives just like you would at work. Complete tasks at certain times and be finished accordingly. A 9–5 can be applied at home, it just needs dedication and visualization.

  • Go offline, go unplug

Every day should be a time where you are away from the work materials and away from any sort of online interaction. An hour or so just for leisure and freedom of relaxation. Self-meditation or a at home workout to regulate your senses. A hard day’s worth of working should be given some time to decompress.

  • Empty your cup

It means to find ways to drain out the negativity that has been filled. Stress, overwhelming pressure, no room for anything else. It is important to “empty” this cup to give you a sense of space, relief and flexibility. Work is done and over with, so it should be left alone and briefly touched if needed too. Unwind and prepare to refill this cup for the next day.

This is just my view on maintaining a balance, and hopefully, this can be convey towards others lifestyles of individuals as well. If you’re curious about more perspectives of this topic, Thomas Frank has a great video on this topic. Follow the link here.

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